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Parental Alienation is very simply another form of Child Abuse and is detrimental to the well being of the child or children that are involved and isolated, from the parent that they love. No child has ever asked to be conceived, yet the choice is made for them by two adults, and who appeared at that time to care or to love each other, yet now for whatever reason, that love has turned to hate on at least the side of one of them. And the only real victims are the innocent children that again have No Choice now but to be victims of Forced Child Abuse and that to me is totally unacceptable and should be to you too.


A child loves his or her mom and dad unconditionally, they don't decide to not love you because you disciplined them or you are grumpy, they love you with an open heart and a love that is second to none, yet for no other reason than a grown adult can manipulate, control and abuse a situation some children lose out on the love and the shared life they should have with both parents even if they are a part that is no excuse or justification for the child or children to suffer a loss as great as that of a parent as the pain they endure is the same as that of the death of that parent, which nobody should want to wish or force onto a child, yet it is the reality of life for far too many children.


Children who have undergone forced separation from one of their parents in the absence of abuse, including cases of parental alienation, are highly subject to post-traumatic stress and reunification efforts in these cases should proceed carefully and with sensitivity as the children will have to deal with a wealth of emotions and some they will find very hard to deal with and accept. One moment they will want to never see the alienated parent again and the next they will want to be with them non stop. This level of confusion again proves the mental abuse that the child has had forced onto them by Parental Alienation, it is not a medical condition that they were born with or something that they caught, No it is one of the worst pain's any child can suffer yet the one person who is meant to love them unconditionally is the parent that is causing this pain, So how is that love as to me that is Child Abuse, there is no point in sugar-coating it as anything else as Abuse is Abuse and is Illegal so why is this abuse tolerated.





Hatred is not an emotion that comes naturally to a child; it has to be taught.and is a learned behavior, a child will love a lot easier than hate. Any parent that would teach a child to hate or to fear the other parent is not a good parent and is a Grave & Persistent Danger to the child than the Alienated Parent is. As this form of abuse is as damaging and traumatizing if not more so than that of Children who are Child Soldiers or abducted Children and who will do whatever they have to in order to avoid any type of pain at the hands or the mouth of the parent their abuser whom they live with. Children are not stupid they are very intelligent and know sadly how to act in order to not be hurt as often as they could be if they are seen to support, love or want to be around the Alienated Parent.


The Abusive Parent is actually the one whom the child or children need protecting from, as they are thriving on the control that they have over their ex, over their child, and over even the courts. As some especially women will manipulate the courts and try to have false accusations placed against the other parent in the hope that they can win a custody case and take the one thing that they know will destroy their ex and that is the child that they love. This is not showing love to the child or that they are apparently protecting this is them wanting to be total control freaks and to control everything and anything that will cause harm and upset to their ex even at the cost of their own child's mental well being and stability. Why is this allowed, and or tolerated as this is one of the huge reasons as to why so many children run away, end up incarcerated and never ever get over the loss of the parent that was taken from them due to the fact the parent they grew up with was and is an Abuser.


This form of Child Abuse is even Defined by the US Senate (U.S. Senate, SB 577) which states that Indoctrinating a parental alienation syndrome into a child is a form of emotional abuse because such programming results in the attenuation and even destruction of the child’s bond with a good, loving parent. Child abuse has been variously defined. The definition of child abuse utilized by the Senate (U.S. Senate, SB 577) states: "Child abuse can be categorized into four different types: neglect, emotional abuse, physical abuse, and sexual abuse." So although it is stated as a form of Child Abuse so many courts tolerate it and they need to be held accountable just like the alienating parent. Attorney's also need to be educated on this form of abuse, so that they can try to protect the child and also their client and ensure that they are both given a chance to be in each other's lives which is their basic right in life as the blood that runs through the veins of the child is the same blood that runs through the alienated parent. Unless there is clear evidence of Danger and or Proven Abuse to the Child from the Alienated parent there is no other reason to justify a child suffering a life of questions, pain, and loss.


A child that has endured a life of Alienation will possibly suffer one or more if not all of the following in their life and to know that this is what you are doing to your own flesh and blood, the child that you once loved unconditionally and now use as a pawn is to me sickening, unacceptable and total and utter child abuse in every definition of the word. This is what an alienated parent can cause their child to suffer: Anger Issues in Life - Loss of Self Confidence & Esteem - Loss or a Lack of Impulse Control in Conduct in General - Clinging & Separation Anxiety - Developing Fears & Anxiety's - Depression & Suicidal Tendencies - Sleep & Eating Disorders - Educational Problems - Wetting & or Soiling the Bed - Drug Abuse & Self Destructive Behaviors - Anxiety & Panic Attacks - Damaged Sexual Identity - Poor Peer Relationships - Excessive Feelings of Guilt - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and the list goes on and on.


Now you know what Your Actions if you are a parent and are alienating your child or children from a loving parent, is doing to that child, that you claim to love so much. You are the Abuser nobody else except for those that help you to Enable this form of abuse on your child and your ex. Whether you are a man or a woman to alienate the parent of the child that you made together is wrong, it is abusive and it is only going to destroy the life of your child more than the life of your ex. Can You Live with that on your Conscience as if so, then you are more dangerous to your child that is known and one day that child whom you are abusing will end up hating you for what you took from them, and how you made them suffer in life all because you have control issues and need help but are too ignorant to ask for it or to get it. I am not sure which is more upsetting the abuse of the child or the fact that you as an adult are aware of the abuse and ignore it for your own selfish reasons.


Children count and the children of today are the adults of our tomorrows how damaged a society will that be if this level of Parental Abuse & Alienation continues and the children who are voiceless to speak out and to be heard are left to suffer in silence. That does scare me and that is why I will continue to speak out on this subject until those in our Courts and the Legal System realize that Parental Alienation is as specified by the Senate a form of Child Abuse.



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